Commercial interior shots

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Country Pub

The Nevill Bull, Birling, Kent

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The Old Forge

Yalding Forge in West Kent first is a fine quality blacksmith and farrier. Dynamic sparks fly from the blacksmith's hammer as he carefully crafts a molten piece of metal into an ornate piece of ironwork.

The Old Forge won the 'Industrial' theme Royal Photographic Society competition October 2019.

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Sumptuous Kitchen Diner

Mortimer Road, Islington, London N1

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Delightful Sitting Room

Barnsbury Square, Islington, London N1

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Pristine Bathroom

Islington, London N1

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The Great Hall

Stoneacre, Otham, Maidstone, Kent

"Thank you so much for your illuminating talk it was fascinating and testament to your attention to detail. Your presentation was also very humorous and engaging, being enjoyed by all present."

Andrew Hayes – Parkwood Camera Club
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David Jenner Photography © 2020
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