Commercial studio images or environment shots

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Triumph Bonneville

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Zatec Stainless Steel Collection

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Martini A-Board

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Absolut Vodka Bottle Plinth

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Bulmers Illuminated Ice Bucket

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Mount Gay Collection

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Glayva Bottle Plinth

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Jameson Collection

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Sharp's Pump Clip Collection

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Vincent Black Shadow

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Ardbeg Bottle Decoration

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Old Mout Cider Bottle Display

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iFetch Dog Ball Launcher

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Havana Club Bottle Plinth

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening, you shared your very fine images and modes of working in a very interesting and entertaining manner. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would unhesitatingly recommend you to other groups. You are very personable and an excellent speaker, thank you again for the splendid evening."

Colin Monk – Hailsham Photographic Society
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David Jenner Photography © 2020
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